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International sales for ‘RED LIGHT’

Our thriller ‘Red Light’ is now also beloved abroad! 

Federation Entertainment has finalized several major sales for our series ‘Red Light’, the intense thriller in the world of international prostitution, featuring three women at a turning point in their lives. Starring highly-acclaimed actresses Carice Van Houten (‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Black Book’, ‘Instinct’), Maaike Neuville (‘The Twelve’, ‘Ghost Tropic’), and Halina Reijn (‘Valkyrie’, ‘Instinct’).

‘Red light’ is coproduced by Eyeworks Film en TV Drama and Hollands Licht,  for VTM (Belgium) and NPO / BNNVARA (Netherlands). The series has done extremely well in both countries (ranking n°1 on VTM’s platform for a month).

The series has just been acquired by ARTE France for France and Germany and is set to air in 2022. Elsewhere in Europe, the series has been sold to AMC Iberia, NRK in Norway, Walter Presents in the United Kingdom, Pasaka in Lithuania and Turkcell in Turkey. In the rest of the world: Rialto in New-Zealand and SBS in Australia and to a streaming service in Latin America. Other major sales will be announced shortly.

The series has received acclaimed reviews and several international prizes, including the Special Interpretation Prize and the Prix des Lycéens at CANNESSERIES 2020, as well as the “Gouden Kalf” for Best TV Drama at the Netherland Film Festival.

‘Red Light’ is based on an original idea by Halina Reijn and Carice Van Houten, and is directed by Wouter Bouvijn (who featured in the 2019 CANNESERIES for ‘The Twelve’) and Anke Blondé (‘The Best of Dorien B’).  The screenplay is written by author and novelist Esther Gerritsen (‘Instinct’) alongside Christophe Dirickx (‘Tabula Rasa’), Frank Ketelaar (‘StuckClamp’), and Halina Reijn, who plays Esther in the series.

The series is produced by Peter Bouckaert and Gunter Schmid (Eyeworks, Belgium) and Nelsje Musch-Elzinga, Mark Furstner and Erwin Godschalk (Hollands Licht, The Netherlands), in co-production with Halina Reijn and Carice Van Houten (‘Man Up Film’), DPG Media and BNNVARA.

With the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Mediafonds, the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the Belgian Tax Shelter incentive, in collaboration with SCIO Productions.